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One of the most influential people of the Benelux music industry, Erroll Antonie, sat down to talk with us about publishing and his role as the Head of A&R at BMG Talpa.

Everyone who has been on the internet must have heard one of his tracks. In this episode 'Classroom With', JJD talks about the steps he took from a bedroom producers to more than 50M+ streams online.

In this episode of 'Classroom With', multi million streaming artist Caius talks about his experience in the music industry and breaks down the steps he took to get his first releases on Spinnin' Records.

... and many more episodes, with new ones being added regularly.

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Frequently asked questions

What is MAJOR?

MAJOR is an educational community, with the goal to educate music artists & producers on all the things they need to know in order to succeed in the music industry nowadays. Sign up to be part of this growing community and meet like-minded creatives.

But, is this something for me?

Absolutely. The knowledge you will gather, can be applied to any producer, music artist, songwriter or musician, regardless of the genre you make.

What type of content should I expect?

Everything we share and teach is based on four different pilars:

1. Music Production
2. Music Marketing
3. Music Business
4. Mindset

We strongly believe that these four things are all you need to get success in the music industry nowadays. That's why all these four topics are incorporated in the community.

What's included in the Learning Vault?

The Learning Vault is your go-to place to get all the knowledge you need to make it in the music industry. Signing up as a member will get you access to guides, templates and books. As time progresses, the Learning Vault will continue growing and become more valuable over time. We're always working on adding new content.

What if I miss a live session such as a masterclass or demo feedback stream?

No worries. All masterclasses and demo feedback streams are being recorded and can be rewatched anytime. These recordings will be stored in the 'Learning Vault', where you can also find guides, templates and books.

How do the demo feedback streams work?

Before the start of the stream, you can submit your demo. You're allowed to send anything - from a rough demo to an almost-finished track. During the stream, you'll receive live feedback on your demo from one of our mentors. You'll always be given a few specific points that you could still improve.